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Why RealHealth?

Unlock your best self

Discover health at your fingertips. Track your daily health score, schedule medical appointments, and manage your family’s well-being, including your pets, all through one single app.

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Healthier Together

Stay informed and inspire each other toward a healthier life through family sharing.

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Track what matters the most

Make better health decisions by pairing your devices, track your vitals, sleep patterns, activity levels, and more.

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Healthy Paws, Happy Hearts

Stay on top of your furry friend’s vaccines, allergies, and medical essentials.


All Your Health in One Place

Make every health decision with confidence. Turn the data from your smart devices into your superpower.

Health Score

Powered by the data from your smart devices, your Health Score offers a dynamic and insightful snapshot at your daily wellness. Simple, effective, transformative—make the most of your health each day.

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Master Your Health Metrics

Too much health data? We've simplified it by centralizing information from your smart devices so you can easily understand and act on it.

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Building Healthy Connections

Find the care you are looking for. Connect with your medical professionals, let them easily track your health journey, and receive timely feedback and support based on your data.

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Save & Share Your Results

Recently had a blood test or X-ray? Effortlessly scan, store, and share all your health data in one place. Plus, with smart AI, you can analyze your blood test results.

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Stay Connected

Keep your family's health in your circle. Track and share health scores, ensure everyone you care about stays safe and supported. It’s more than just data; it’s peace of mind for the whole family.

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Keep Tails Wagging

Never miss a vaccination, overlook an allergy, or forget a vet appointment again. Create personalized profiles for your furry best friends to keep all their essential health details at your fingertips.

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Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about the product and billing.

Every day, your Health Score comes to life through our state-of-the-art algorithm, which transforms data from your wearable devices and IoT health tools into a vivid snapshot of your well-being. In simpler terms, your lifestyle choices are reflected on your smart devices (for example, your resting heart rate or the number of steps you take that day might be two of the most common things you check yourself). By tracking your vital signs and lifestyle choices, we provide a window into how your daily activities impact your overall health. The more you interact with our app and input data, the richer the insights you receive. Every healthy choice you make not only improves your score, but also puts you on the path to a more fulfilling life. Think of it as your health journal: every entry you make, every healthy choice you pursue, enriches your story. We're here to guide and support you with personalized advice on how to improve your score and make the most of your stats. Ready to learn more about and take control of your journey?

Yes, you can use the app without sharing your data. However, please be aware that the extent of your app experience may be limited based on the data you choose to share. For detailed information on how we respect and handle your data privacy, please review our Privacy Policy .

While our app is designed to maximize benefits from the rich data provided by smart wearables, it's not a requirement to use them. Our intelligent algorithms can interpret any data you provide. Using a smartwatch, you'll harness a wealth of cardiovascular, activity and sleep data, while a smart scale can offer deep insights into your body composition. If you regularly monitor blood pressure or blood sugar with digital devices that sync with your phone, you’ll see even more detailed results in your Health Score. For guidance on which wearables or IoT devices can enhance your experience, please contact our support team.

Absolutely not! Our app is for everyone, whether you're looking to motivate yourself to live healthier, gain insight into your health data, or learn more about your body and lifestyle. It's a resource for anyone interested in taking proactive steps toward better health. However, if you currently work with a healthcare professional or plan to in the future, our app makes communication and tracking incredibly easy. The Professionals tab allows you to effortlessly connect with your healthcare providers, improving the management of your health data and making the tracking process smoother for both you and your professional. This feature is here to support your health journey, whether you're navigating recovery, managing a condition like diabetes, or simply striving for optimal wellness.

Family sharing helps you stay close and connected. Simply copy the profile ID from any family member’s app profile and paste it into 'My Connections' -> 'Enter User ID'. This easy link-up allows you to effortlessly keep track of your loved ones’ health, particularly valuable for elderly parents. It's a way to ensure everyone is supported and informed, enhancing family bonds through shared health awareness

We understand that your pet is part of the family, which is why our app includes a special place just for them. To add your pet’s information, go to 'Connections' -> 'My Pets' -> 'Add a Pet' and fill in the necessary details. You can record key data such as age, weight, breed, and species, as well as manage their vaccinations and track allergies. This ensures that you never miss a vet appointment and keep all your furry friend's care needs right at your fingertips.

Yes, you can easily restore your purchases on any smartphone by logging in with the email address used to make the original purchase. This ensures you can continue to enjoy our app's features seamlessly, without losing any data in the process.

We rigorously maintain the highest standards of trust and credibility for medical professionals on our app. Professionals must first contact us via email and submit the necessary documents for verification. Our dedicated teams carefully review these credentials and put them through an advanced screening process before allowing professionals to join our app. This rigorous validation ensures that you receive reliable and credible medical services at all times

Currently, the app is available in Turkish and English, with additional languages coming soon. Stay tuned for more updates!
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